ABA Services

Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA) – naturalistic therapy programs

ABA services utilize the science of behavior to increase important social behaviors and decrease problem behaviors. Early Start Autism strives to utilize ABA methods that are based on very current research, are compassionate, and highly individualized to the specific needs of the child and family.

  • ABA offered in-home and in-community
  • Expertly and lovingly individualized for child and family
  • Language/Communication skills increased
  • Play and social skills increased
  • Emotional and self-regulation skills taught
  • Problem behaviors reduced
  • Feeding issues/picky eating addressed
  • Potty training addressed
  • Sleep issues addressed
  • Parent training/coaching
  • Inclusive opportunities for children who are ready, in preschools with typical peers
    (support staff provided based on needs of child)
  • Collaboration with other service providers
  • Covered by many insurance plans